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Related post: Date: Sun, 02 Apr 2000 17:30:55 EDT From: Double A Subject: Raven Hair (19)Disclaimer: After a hiatus of sorts, I am back with another story! Yay! Anyway, due to personal teens agency models problems, I've been unable/unwilling to write much of anything for a long time. Here is a new story from me to you. For those of you who know daisy model my style and enjoy it, you should really like this one. Like I said, though, I haven't written anything for a while, so I may be a bit rusty. For those who don't know my style, teenie swimsuit models I tend to use a lot of build-up and "storyline". So, if you came on to find a story for a quick jack-off, then this probably ain't for you. However, if you want to take the time to read a beautiful tale of young love, then sit back, take a sip from your glass of wine, and enjoy!And remember...Always stand andrea met models up for what you think is right, don't listen to bullshit, no matter who is saying it, and always speak with your fists and swear a free latina models lot to be heard!******************Part 19: Soon after David's introduction to Sean, David preeten teenage model was taken, by Laura, to the kitchen/assembly room of the ACRP and given a more detailed orientation about the facility and a chance to fit models tgp work out an academic and therapeutic plan for his stay there, with the teachers and social workers. He was assigned to the male social worker, Harry, who explained to him how his teen model poohnany medication worked and asked about what kinds of activities he liked to do. David was reluctant to say much, at first, but did admit that he enjoyed painting, drama and cooking. Harry was a cool guy. He talked tough, wore really nice clothes and tons of necklaces and rings. He was about 6'4", pree model black, and really muscular. He seemed to belong more in a WWF ring then in a mental facility. It was also a surprise to see him, for David, because British Columbia was a highly prejudiced province that had chased teen model shorts all the jews and ethnics into Vancouver and Richmond. The black population had been particularly abused, so most of them left back in the 60's, or had been driven out by the rampant nazi population there. Seeing him actually made David feel more at home and, with that of course, made David think more of Aaron. By the afternoon, they considered David settled in, with his things placed near his bed in the sleeping area, so he was sent to his first class, English. The class, itself, wasn't all that hard, and consisted mostly of creative writing women top models about anything that was on your mind, but it did have some academic properties, such as David hot models teen needing to read several chapters of a book by the end of the next week and write a report on them. The teacher, Sharon, was a total freak, though. She was on, David guessed, way to many little model mpeg anti-depressants and she seemed to laugh constantly as she talked. Even worse, David was only in a class with two other kids, so he was constantly being paid attention too. The ACRP really was, as far as David could tell, a centre for the psychologically impaired. The sharp objects were kept locked up, there was no glass on the windows, japan schoolgirl model the school was kept as bright as possible to encourage happiness and discourage depression. The day ran for seven hours of `in-school activities' and the rest of valery model the day for `free-running.' Wake up was at 7 in the morning and lights out was at 10 at night. Each day, they had four hours of class - four classes of an hour real naked models each - hit young models and three hours of activities. Every day, it was a new activity. On Monday, they would have a two hour assembly on how the previous week went and Laura and staff would take suggestions from the kids on what was good, what was bad and how the staff could improve. Of course, they took all suggestions with a grain of salt, because, as far as they could tell, these kids were nuts. After that, it would be a two hour arts and crafts, which was all `emotional release via art'. On Tuesday, it was anger management class for four hours. All the students would gather in the meeting room, and the female social worker, Deirdre, would outline, on a huge pad of paper and in handouts, what exactly made us angry and how to control it. This would last for another month, after schoolgirl model nonude which the class would move on to stress management, and two months after that, time management. On Wednesday, it was David's favourite activity, the open forum. Laura would take the kids into the meeting room and they would all nude product models raise their hand and talk about whatever they wanted to, and everybody in the room, except petites models nude for Laura, who took notes, would comment and respond. On Thursday, it was a `creative expression' for two hours first. That would from week to alina teens models week. One Thursday, it would be baking, and another, drama, and another, the one board game they had in the facility - a game about keeping happy and where everybody is a winner. After that, David's second favourite activity, was two hours of PE. They would walk down the street to the Surrey Community Centre and would play floor hockey or basketball. David was never good in sports, but considering that most of the kids were totally fried from drugs abuse, totally depressed that they couldn't move, and totally dependant that they spent the whole game hugging the Recreational photography model Therapist, ppe teen model he was better than almost all the others. On Friday, it was a two japanese top models hour models photos naked session with Dr. Mascal , then two hours of an outing that varied from week to week. On Saturday and Sunday, there was young models jordan no school, and the kids were allowed to do fittness models nude whatever they wanted, and even go outside the facility, supervised of course. This all changed, however, in cp modeling sexy certain circumstances, where an all-day activity super model naked was planned. David had English, Math and History on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and Biology, French and MRE on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Of course, this was British Columbia, so the teacher could hardly speak french, let alone understand it, and David spent most of the class doing a workbook. The Math sasha child model and Science teacher was actually pretty nice. She was very doting, but at least she wasn't abnormally behaved. After classes on Thursday, David went into the kitchen and baked cookies, which he really enjoyed, because he liked to bake. Also, because he was the only fowm teen model one in the group figure model photography who was actually making an effort to make cookies. Two of the drug freaks, Todd and Barry, seemed to find the act of sticking their hands in dough to be so compelling teeniemodels that they did it for the full two hours. There was a girl, who was being comforted by Denise, the Recreational Therapist, because she felt that she didn't want to live, unless she could make the child free models perfect cookies. Then, there was a guy and girl sitting off in the corner and kissing. What was strange, was that the guy was gay and the girl was a lesbian. There was this guy hot pubescent models there, who seemed normal, but just didn't feel like baking. Then, of course, there was Sean. Sean was excused from baking, because of his hand, but he still sat in the kitchen and heckled the other kids. Mostly, Jeff, the gay guy kissing the lesbian, though. "Hey, faggot!" He'd jeer, "Why don't you stop messing with the hot chick and go stick a plunger up your ass?!" After a few comments like that, Harry went over and asked Sean to leave. He graciously did so and, of course, made his way into the lounge and shut off all the lights. "Turn the sidepath safety model lights back on now, Sean!" Harry yelled half-heartedly. "Yeah, well fuck you!" Sean called nude preeteen models back, "I'd like to see you come in here and try to turn them on, ya damn nigger!" David had noticed that Harry had 18teen model a black eye and he hadn't thought much of it until that point. He dispelled the notion from his mind, however. When the cookies were baked and cooling on the counter, Harry and Deirdre gathered up all the kids, minus naked young models Sean, and escorted them to the front, where 88 asian models they'd walk to the community centre. As they left, David asked Harry, "Hey, what about Sean? Why isn't he coming?" Harry smiled and said, "Sean...well, Sean is not a PE person, Davey boy. You don't worry about him. He'll be just fine alone at the facility." At the centre, they played floor hockey and David was incredible. He scored seventeen times and worked up quite a sweat. Afterwards, Harry and Denise patted him on the back, told him that he did really well, and then told everybody else that they lupe teen models all played good and there were no winners or losers. That ended the day's activities, so when David returned to the facility, he was free to do whatever he wanted. Of course, he was really feeling icky, so he went into the sleeping area, took off his clothes and put them in the laundry and bath remodeling hamper by his bed, then wrapped a towel around his waist and walked into the shower area. He was surprised to hear a shower turned on. He was been the first one back in the facility, and everybody else had gone to the kitchen to get eat. He walked furthur in and saw Sean straddling the wooden bench, slowly unwrapping the splint on his hand. He was also wearing just a towel and David stood and stared at his bare back and chest. Sean had pretty defined muscles on his back and arms and somewhat on his chest, but David was quite taken by the taina modelo puertorriquena long, puckered scar that ran from just under Sean's right pec, down to his navel. Smaller scars covered his right arm and back. "Hey, Sean." David said. Sean turned around quickly, but smirked when autocratic model he saw David. He slowly stood up and stepped over the bench, looking at David through his long, brown bangs. "Hey, ya bastard. Have fun with the freaks?" David got scared for a minute, before he saw what could maybe pass for friendliness in nyphet model nude Sean's face, and said, "Oh...oh, yeah. The...uhh...The gym thing. Well, you know...it was okay, I guess. I was sort of tpir models nude wondering why you didn't come, though." Sean brushed the hair from his eyes, and it fell right back in them, "I did." David looked confused, "What? I hot young model didn't see you there and Harry said..." "Never mind." Sean said, shaking his head, "I'm not a PE person, I guess." David nodded, "Yeah, that's what Harry told me. What's the real reason, though? Did you give him that black eye?" Sean young video models 14yo modeling nodded, and laughed in a way that made David almost afraid, "Yeah, I kicked the nigger's ass. He was being a real asshole and telling me some crazy shit about me being difficult, or some motherfucking shit like that, so I tell him that he better back off or else I'll kick his ass, so the big fuck tells me that he'll call the police like he did last week, when I punched that hole in krissy teen model the lounge wall, so I punch the dumb bastard. He take it real good too. I expected him to go all weepy and black, like, `Well suh, I did deserve that suh, yes master chelda model sandra suh, you the boss, suh.' You know, like them niggers supposed to act. But he's real cool about it, and x pretenn model that's good. I respect him for that." David didn't quite know what to make of that, but what he did know, was that he little gymnasts models wanted to change the subject as soon as possible. But Sean beautiful model bikini did instead, "So, you going to take a shower?" Sean asked. David took a deep breath, still reeling from the rant a young model pose few seconds ago, and said, "Uh...yeah. I'm lucy angle model kind of sweaty from all the gym stuff." Sean nodded, "Well, brooke murray model there's only one decent shower in the whole place. The other's are fucking cold, but I guess avon models the bitches in this place like to freeze your fucking cocks off, right?" David couldn't help smirking, "Yeah, maybe." Sean shrugged, "Well, I say fuck them. I need my cock! ass parade models Anyway, I'm going to take a shower first and I plan on being in there for a fucking long time, so the only way you're gonna get a decent shower, is if you get in there with me." David laughed and said, "Yeah, it's okay. I don't need one right anyway." Sean, however, was unwavering and, after staring at David for a couple of seconds, said, "I'm wasn't joking. You understand, preeteen nonnude models right?" David nodded, "Yeah, I understand." Sean smiled and once again unsuccessfully tried to brush his hair from his eyes. "Drop the towel, bitch." David took a deep breath, sensing escape was nude tranny models not an option and not sure if he really wanted it to be, and undid his towel, letting drop to the moist bathroom floor. Sean walked over to him and sized him up with his eyes. He apparently liked what he saw, because David teen lo models saw a smile come over model girl manga his face and he nodded, mumbling something to himself. His eyes russian girl model then went up 1909 model t to look into David's. Before David could say what he wanted to say, he felt Sean's hand wrap around his dick and he shut his eyes. "We're going to take a shower now, bitch. Come on." David's eyes slowly opened and he tried to keep up as Sean dragged him to the shower stall by his penis. Once inside, Sean closed the curtain and turned on the water. David let out a shriek as the freezing water made contact with artitic teen models his skin. "Hold a sec, ya little pussy!" Sean reprimanded, teen collant models "it's get nice and hot in a second." David wasn't quite sure what he had gotten himself into and was beginning to feel a familiar pang of panic coming over him, but that was quickly removed, when he felt Sean's now-slippery hands stroking his shoulders. "You like that, eh?" He heard Sean say, "There ain't nothing wrong with two guys touching each other, is there, Dave?" David judys model sighed quietly and nodded, "Mmm...no." David saw Sean reach back and lather his asian laduree model hands up with more soap, then begin rubbing David's back. "You wanna know what I'm doing here, don't you?" Sean said. "Doing where?" David sighed. "Doing in this place. This...this...asylum. I mean, my brain isn't fried by drugs, because big titted models I don't take em. I don't even smoke or drink or eat meat. I ain't depressed, right? I ain't some panicky freak who belongs in some fucking diaper, sucking on their mommy's tit. So, I'm gonna play a little game and you're gonna play along." Now David was getting somewhat worried. "Game? What game?" "Relax." Sean whispered, his face near David's cheek and his long bangs dripping water onto David's shoulder, "Stop tensing up. The game is this: I'm american gay models going to ask you a question about me and you have to try and guess the right answer." "What's the catch?" David asked nervously. Sean stopped soaping his back and, his hands on David's shoulders, turned him around to face him. "The catch, Dave..." Sean whispered, favouring David with a smirk, "is that you said that you understand me, right? Well, if you understand me, then you'll guess the right answer to each question in three tries or less. If you do latin child model it, then I'll know that you're my friend." "And...and if I don't." David naomi teen model asked. Sean's smirk turned into a smile, "If you don't...well...I know how much you hate cold water. nude models beach How much do you hate hot water, I wonder?" Sean's hand slid off David's shoulder and went over to the cold water knob. "Dave, the hot water is on full now blonde pre model and is only being regulated by the cold water. Every wrong answer you give, I'll turn the cold water off for a few. I know how much you want to know the answer to these questions, so I know that you want to play. You do, don't you?" He didn't know why, but, after a few seconds, he nodded, "Yeah, I'll play." Sean nodded, "I thought you would. Now...How old am I?" David looked at Sean critically. He appeared younger than him, and David was sixteen. Thinking about it for a few seconds, he nervously answered, "Umm...Fifteen?" Sean smiled, then shook his head and turned the cold water knob. The water began to become quite hot. "Umm...Fourteen?" Sean ho model trains nodded, then turned the cold water knob so the water sports models tgp became warm again. "Next question. Is showering with another guy gay?" David knew this one and import models sexy confidently said, "Of course not." Sean shook his head and tsked, "Of course it's gay, you bitch! It's just not gay when I do it!" Sean turned the cold water almost totally off and David screamed as the scalding water hit him, and Sean quickly turned it back to normal. "Next question. What am I doing here?" David closed his eyes and thought boy model nn hard for almost a minute, then nervously opened his eyes, took a deep breath acemodeling pics xxx and volunteered, "You have a problem controlling your temper that resulted in you hurting people." Sean smiled and picked up the bar of soap. "You're so smart, David, but you're only half right. I do have a problem controlling my temper that results in me...mmmm...injuring people. However, number one, I only do it to people nude yo models who deserve it and, number two, that's not why I'm here. Now, turn around and put your teen cutie models arms over your head so I can soap you up." David slowly spun around and felt Sean's arms wrap around him and begin soaping up his chest and under his arms. "So, why are you here?" David asked, as Sean's soap moved up to lather up his neck. In response, Sean's hands moved away from David's chest and began soaping up David's ass. David didn't know why, but he youngest girl model persisted. "Why are you here, Sean?" Sean moved forward a bit and David froze as he felt was unmistakingly a very stiff dick pressing between the cheeks of his ass. "Why?" David whispered, as he felt Sean's soapy hands on his dick again. David didn't really want the teen japaneese models answer anymore, but he kept asking, "Why?" as he felt Sean's dick begin to enter his soaped up butthole. "Just shut the fuck up and tell me how much you love this." Sean hissed in David's ear. David wanted to protest and panic and explain to Sean how he swore to himself that he would never do this again, after what had happened with his first boyfriend, but the truth was, 14yo model gallery he was really enjoying it. His danieel top model ass and Sean's dick fit together easier than it had with Aaron, because it just seemed to be nude hs models lubed better, and, for his tough attitude, Sean was really taking it easy on David, going a lot slower than Aaron had. Plus, Sean was jacking off David's dick at the same time, and that felt really amazing. Sean thrust himself into David, pressing David against the stall wall, starmedia young models and groaned, "Oh God, you feel so good, bitch!" David groaned back in reply and whispered, "You fuck so well, Seanie!" Sean thrust his hips harder and stroked David's dick faster. Laughing, he said, "Seanie...I like that! Oh fuck, I'm gonna fucking cum up your ass, you bitch!" David could feel Sean's dick throbbing in his ass and that, along with Sean's hand, made him ready to shoot a load too. "I'm gonna shoot, Seanie!" David warned. "No, you're not, bitch! I wanna suck you off after I'm...I'm...OH GOD!" David was suddenly pressed hard against the shower stall wall, and Sean's hand shot off his dick to steady himself by pressing against the wall. Sandwiched between porcelain and prettens models pictures Sean, David felt Sean's rapid thrusts into his ass finally ending in several wet streams of his jizz shooting up his colon. It was all David could do not to follow suit, but he held on. They remained hot models anal like that for several seconds, until finally Sean pulled top models suit his weight off David's body and his sticky penis out of David's ass. Breathing quickly, he whispered, "Turn around." David gratefully did so, and Sean quickly fell to his knees and began quickly sucking on David's throbbing meat. It didn't take more than a few seconds, before David grabbed Sean's head and groaned, filling the fourteen-year-old's laurie model gallery mouth with his slimy load. After he was finished, Sean quickly got to his feet and, like nothing had happened, went back to soaping up David and russin tiny models himself. When the model nude kids shower finally ended several minutes later, Sean pulled open the curtain and David saw the 6 other kids from the school, the girls included, standing the bathroom staring at them. David quickly put models nude juniors his hands in front of his dick, but Sean, still naked and glistening with water, stepped out and said, in a normal, calm cute naked model tone, "I'm giving elmir male model you fuckers teen model florida about...oh...ten seconds to get out of here and leave me and my bitch. models galesry Otherwise, I'm going to do to you, what I did to my mom." At the sound of that, everybody scattered out of the bathroom. Once everybody was gone, David stepped out of the shower and walked over and picked up his towel. kid pantyhose model Sean already had his towel on and was walking out of the bathroom. "What did you do to your mom, Sean?" David asked, walking quickly to catch up to him. Sean turned to him and, his face finally visible due to his wet hair plastered on top of his head, smiled, "You understand me, right?" David nodded, "I understand you, Seanie. Always." Sean nodded and, putting his arm around David's shoulders, proceeded to tell him.
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